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Nagraj, the popular Raj Comics’ star, is trying his best to entertain fans during the coronavirus lockdown. The creators have come up with a free for all edition titled Nagraj Strikes-The Attack of Coronaman.

Manoj Gupta, President, Raj Comics, says, “A few days ago, we noticed that older issues of Raj Comics were being excessively shared and getting viral on social platforms. We realised that this medium could be used to get a positive message to the masses in an innovative way. We immediately started creating this comic and completed this in less than 72 hours. It’s entirely a ‘work from home’ product.”

The creators want to convert it into a series. “I think it is a good idea to make superheroes spread positive messages to the world and therefore we will be writing regularly under this series with the aim to spread positive messages to the audience,” says Gupta.

He further says, “While the government is doing a great job at spreading awareness, we wanted to reinforce the message using our character Nagraj. We feel it is helping people understand the threat as we have witnessed a huge number of people sharing the comic on Instagram with captions like: Please stay home! Even our childhood hero Nagraj has said it now!”

During the three-week lockdown, it’s good to have an ally like Nagraj in the war against COVID-19.